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Coelho’s Personal Legend

“The closer you get to your dream, the more your Personal Legend becomes your real reason for living.” The Alchemist

“When you want something, the whole Universe conspires to help you realise your desire.” The Alchemist

“Only one thing makes a dream impossible: the fear of failure.” The Alchemist

“Love will never separate a man from his Personal Legend.” The Alchemist

“It is precisely the possibility of realising a dream that makes life interesting.” The Alchemist

“The first indication that we are killing our dreams is lack of time. The second indication that our dreams are dead is certainty. The third indication that our dreams are dead is peace.” The Pilgrimage    

We have all been pre-schooled to think that legends are only to be found in books and fairy tales. Rustum and Sohrab, King Arthur, Robin Hood are all examples of legends found in print. What should be new to us is that every man has a personal legend.

Personal legend is like taking oneself as a creator and then outlining our own dreams and finally culminating them to a reality. Realising a dream into a reality, or otherwise, simply put, chasing them (dreams) is the truth of a personal legend. When man understands himself, and has one of those ‘eureka’ moments where all infinity dawns on him; that is the point when he learns that he has a path to unfold and follow.

Making a legend out of oneself is not unlike being a protagonist in a tale. It is like being in a reverie and then taking control. There comes a time in life when you put life on hold, and let it wait on you. You take the time to pause and wonder. Is this what you really want out of your life? Is where you are right now take you to conquering your dreams?

When you start having thoughts like that, then that is the time when you take the first step in satisfying your urge to live your personal legend.

Paulo Coelho, a Brazilian writer talks of personal legend in his book ‘The Alchemist’ and then later trails that nerve down in several of his other books. Coelho writes fiction books that hint on the considerable path of philosophy.

According to Coelho, people tend not to pursue their dreams of fear that they don’t deserve them or that they would suffer utter doom if they did. They anticipate that if they follow their dream path, people around them would be hurt or be unforgiving. According to Coelho, realising your personal legend means living your life just the way you want to without being afraid to exist and breathe. It is the path of stones and flowers that would lead you ultimately to profound happiness.

The Brazilian writer goes on to believe that as children each one of us knows what our personal legend is. But as we grow up, the atypical, mindless and logical thinking makes us believe that we no longer can attain what we wanted as kids. Children in their innocence are not accustomed to thinking like adults do. They are free souls in search of the impossible. In fact, adolescents don’t have have the word, ‘never’ in their dictionaries. They ‘believe’ and then they ‘do’. As for adults, they ‘think’ and then ‘quit’ before even taking a start to destiny.

An individual’s personal legend is him working towards achieving his dream. It goes without saying that the path that leads to realising the ultimate dream is not an easy one to take. One will suffer constantly, but it’s the enthusiasm that will drive one to his goal. It’s this enthusiasm that will make him overlook the obstacles and reach out to his objective.

If you want to live your personal legend, you need to let go of shackles of logical pre-schooling, and fear, and fly.


If all I can see is my own shadow, I'm in my own light.

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