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Egoless Learning

I read a simple advice long time ago, it said “don’t use the small word, ‘ego’.”

In our lives, we are put before countless situations and phases when we need to learn something. It’s like life teaching us lessons through experiences. And for each one of us, this happens, as we tend to move ahead with each passing day. We trip and fall flat on our faces, we learn that we were wrong, we dust ourselves and tread again ahead in life.

This whole trial is God’s way to teach us things, so that one day we are ready to achieve our personal legend. However, for some of us, this becomes impossible. All that seems to be going on is, is us falling over and over again on our faces. Time and time again, this is repeated. Same kind of things seem to go wrong and we seem to be stuck in a loop hole in a dimension of the ghastly repeatable.

If this is how it is for you, you should know one thing. The only reason you are stuck in the dimension of the terrible repeatable is because you are not learning to skip the wire. The lesson to be learnt is not being learnt. When that happens, the Lord makes similar situations for us, so that we may learn.

One thing that I have noticed in my experience is, that when it comes to learning a life’s lesson, the only thing that hinders is, the very small word, ‘ego’.

Now looking at ego objectively, it is a tiny izaat of the ‘I’. It is the ‘me’ that is stopping the learning from taking place. Man refuses to learn from mistakes, when he finds the ‘I’ too big to be able to look beyond it. For then the only thing left standing between man and his personal legend is his ego. This means that man is the obstacle to his own success. And this he can put a stop to, provided he learns to grow out of his ego.

You might have noticed people around you who tend to float through their life as if they had done this all eternity. To them a problem is not a blanket of snakes but an opportunity to grow and learn from and grow in return to their way of greatness. These people, have little use of the tiny word, ego. For them nothing is too small for them. Everything is big enough and capable of giving value. For them the ‘I’ is too small and the energy that flows through life systems is too great. To them learning is a way of growing, and this they do to the last of their breath. These sorts of people tend to evolve continuously. They learn and grow, then they learn some more and then grow too.

The other category of people, have a lot of themselves to handle. They see so much of themselves that they have a hard time overcoming theirs and them. The bigger ego they have, the more susceptible they are to not learning from life. Because they think so highly of themselves they tend to overlook the learning and take a problem as just that, a problem. They see no opportunity to learn from. Hence at every rough turn in their lives, they fret and fumble and lose miserably at growing up.  They forget that while their bodies need nutrition to grow, their self needs the tight bends to mature. Hence they lose at all odds and never grow thanks to their ego-self centers.

So be a greater and a bigger person by losing the ego and learning, rather than being small and holding on to your big egos and hence not learning from the well of life.


If all I can see is my own shadow, I'm in my own light.

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