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Great Expectations

How many times in life do we have to adjust our expectations? I know for one, that I had to change my bar of adjustability several times before I got anywhere in life. The same, probably applies to you too.

What I don’t understand is, do we expect too much out of life? Or is it our life that seems to let us down all the time. Some can argue that it’s faith that runs its course the way it mysteriously does and thus neglects us to become a minor in every situation. Others can argue that it is just us who let ourselves be degraded each time life pokes its witty nose out of the blue.

I believe that it is neither. It’s not ‘fate’, nor is it ‘us’, and neither it is our ‘life’ that plays around the hocus pocus. But instead, it’s just the situation at hand that does the trick and makes us see the magic of smoke and mirrors. For instance, we invest in some great gig, and we expect to do the best and get the most out of that investment, but later we learn that things didn’t go as expected and instead of profit we had to pay up with loss. In this case, some might blame fate to do its bidding, but on the other hand, perhaps the investors involved didn’t do as good and thus the investment fell through. Thus, down came our hopes and our eagerness for success and once again we are left with great expectations ending into nothing least than a great disappointment.

If fate was to do its calling, everything would be pre-destined. Our lives, our futures and most importantly; our present. This way, we would never give a damn about what we did or wonder how things would turn out to be. We would at all times be mesmerized by the appalling nature of fate and therefore wouldn’t nudge just a wee bit to give ‘struggle’ a winning chance. All hard work would go out the window because we thought that as everything is pre-planned in the book of our Lord, hence we needn’t do much to change its course.

As for ‘us’, being humans we never like to take the blame for anything. Call it a second instinct. That was the way we were born. So when things spiral downward, we just tend to point the finger the other way and keep our eyes closed so that we wouldn’t have to see that the mess we created. I think that to some extent we are always to blame. Wether we like to believe it or not, but at some level of our proceedings, it is our hand that is doing the ‘doing’. So, to some extent, whatever expectations we have from others and those that we have for ourselves, are executed and monitored by us.

So we come down to the million dollar question. Why do our great expectations more than often tend to become some of the biggest disappointments of the era? Ruling out fate to begin with, I’d say that failures of our expectations into total redemption are because we on our own together with situational interference are the key to our dashed hoped and dreams. Not blaming fate, we tend to etch out our own future and the present, and it is not the hand of some foreign deity that does the work, but it is our own hand combined with logistics that does the ticking and the moulding.


If all I can see is my own shadow, I'm in my own light.

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