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Hard Times

Bad times are as certain to come as death and taxes. Each one of us goes through a spiraling experience of good and bad moments and phases in our lives. There are times when we are happy and when everything seems to be a cherry on a strawberry cream cake. These are times when we are at our best and the world appears to be far beneath us. We are on the zenith of our experience and all goes too well to be true. Everything favors us and it appears that we have digested a bit of the lucky potion that Harry Potter had. Then there are other times when one in at the nadir. All is bad. Everything tastes sour. Everything you touch is dust. When your most priciest possessions are lost, and you are left with very little hope for goodness. When all that ever happens is that things go wrong. And if life was not bad enough, it just gets worse.

When you are at such a road of haplessness, you feel that life, and the forces that be are not in your favor.  That is when most of us break up from within, and move to paths and make choices that are not very clear to begin with. We feel that we have zero control over life, and so we panic and start doing things that even our shadow would disown us for having done. These are bad times. And for once, I would like to say that no schooling or college teaches us to get past such a time. Literature is read and math problems solved, no one ever dared to teach a man how to get through bad patches in life. For this reason, we do what we think is a best course to take up.  Some of us opt for drugs, others for partying, the mellow drudge into depression, the loud have anger management issues, the kiddish involve in crime, while the humble, just give up.

The thing is that indulging in all of these mentioned malaises is not a positive way to deal with hard times. What is important is that the sight should keep in view the beacon while adrift on the sea. Tumults and waves are a part of life. Whether your daughter is getting married, or your son is to enroll in a foreign university and you do not have the sufficient funds nor management to handle the stress, whether you have an exam coming up or you have a crappy job, your boss gives you a hard time, or your child is being difficult; the important thing is to stay in focus. The best thing about time is that it never stays the same. Good moments bleed into sad ones, and unhappy hours bleed into blessed laughter. That is all a part of life. This is the way the arrangement has been from the beginning of time, and so this shall stay to pass.

Keeping your head in hard times is as essential as keeping your sanity and not getting lost into a maze of mental mayhem. Any situation should not overpower one into confusion and retaliation. Keeping your cool is imperative on all accords, for what will you do if you can not manage your mental capabilities? When coping becomes difficult and fleeing easier, you should know that now is the time that you need to hold on to dear endurance more than ever. The good news is that there are plenty of positive ways in which you can deal with stress and depression. In fact, our school teachers never taught us to live fighting demons, there are many thinkers who have advised on the same. My humble advise to you would be that if you are in that phase of your life when everything is overwhelming, sit back and do the following.


If all I can see is my own shadow, I'm in my own light.

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