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Leaving a Mark

Which one are you; ‘Life happened’ or ‘I happened to Life’? I see people around me with this as their epitome, engraved on their tombstones, and that is how they live their lives. So, I ask you. Did life happen to you, or you happened to life?

In this world, each one of us has been given the gift of life. And it is not what happens in our life that defines who we are, but actually, how we deal with things in life that tells us of how strong of a gunpowder we are made of. If we drudge around our lives, feeling that things hit us, and all we can do about is getting into a defence mode, then I am sorry to say, life happened to you. Whereas, if you hit things in life, and you are not in defense-mode but slightly off to the side of being offensive, when you become and live like your own king, then my dear brother, you have happened to life.

What good is it to live through life as if a haggard, crazy haired man, who doesn’t understand the ways of life? What good is to be overwhelmed with work and duties like you don’t understand what is going on around you? What good is to bring a full stop in your life everytime you turn the corner? I’ll tell you, none of that does anyone any good. The important thing is to succumb to the ways of life. You were born. Accept it. You were given a body, accept that. Life taught you hard-learned lessons, accept that. You will be shown wonders and ugliness, accept that. Then there will come a time when you have to change, embrace it. One day then comes when you are a spectrum of perfectness, when nothing in you needs to be taken away, and that day you are complete and wholly, and thus you go on to live your life.

Having said that, there is no use of living your life like a Tom-Dick-Harry. You are you. You are unique and special. The art of observing and learning then from the observances and experiences of others is a great learning tool. If you have lived your life like a game of chess, and done a good job at it too, then you know what it takes to be a player. Life is just that, A playful activity that you spend most of the time enjoying the playfulness and the lack of seriousness it has to offer. It is also like an icecream that if not eaten (here meaning understood) will otherwise melt.

Sixty or so years on one hand are not enough to live, but it is a lifetime in which you get to live the moments of going to school on your first day, getting your degree, crying at the death of your playmate pet, buying your first car, getting married, having your first kid, and then watching your child take a plunge into marriage, getting old and wrinkly, and then one day you die.

No man has ever defied death, so why don’t we see our funeral as the thing to attain in life? Why is it not the thing we work towards in life? What would people have to say to us when they walk near our coffin to say their goodbyes? Shouldn’t that be our aim of life, to have so and so there and have something memorable said to us when parting from our loved ones? Or coming back to the stone that defines you in your eternal resting place- what epitaph would you like to have on your tombstone? Shouldn’t these be the questions we should worry ourselves with rather than what nail enamel to wear with that dress, or what tie would go with that suit?

Life is just that. It is. Like you are who you are because the way you think. Being worrisome on the frailties of life and becoming incoherently serious about life does no one any good. The lighter side needs to be flipped as often as possible. Be the one who says, “I happened to life.” Don’t be a victim. Don’t be the saviour either. Be the enemy. Fight like hell to stay on your guard. Whatever life throws at you, you should take a racket and ram it back in its face, and hit hard. Be a perpetrator and be proud to be one on the dark side. Then again, if you smile each time you hit the ball, it is all upto you. Smiles bring in the lighter side towards life, as does laughter.

Red eyed and spewing smoke, that is not the way you want to live. Yellow teethy smile and a hard earned racket in your hand or a sword for fancy’s sake is how you want to live by it. Kicking is all that is going to get you to the other side of the river. Those of us who do not learn to swim in the cold waters of life, will eventually drown.  So, if you want to achieve grace ad glory you need to learn to swim. If you notice any better, in swimming all one does is kick and push. These are both aggressive forces that combine rhythmically to produce a motion that keeps the body afloat and in motion. Meaning that, in life you don’t only need motion to move ahead, but you need to stay afloat in water too. The only way one can stay afloat from all the hassles is to have a good sense of humour. Humour life, and keep it smiling and let there be no brow furrowed ever. And be in constant motion by pushing back the past and embracing the goodness and all that life has to offer. During all that time you need to keep you learning curve, actually curved. Let the curve slowly and gradually become a circle. And whenever that happens you would have lived fully and exceptionably.

So when life hits the dead end over and over again, what do you do? Is going bananas and running howling in the streets do any good? No. Be a sage and give a statement that you will kick and push till your least breath and will not go ‘down’. You will have life at your own terms, and you will live by what you believe. You will not have ‘life happened to me’ written on your tombstone. You are a fighter. You are a swimmer. You stay afloat. You shall have ‘I happened to life’ written on your boulder, which will remain the most courageous act of your life. So kick and push all that you need to, and stay afloat in this sea of madness, where fairies and elves are but a folktale, and metal and stone leave their mark.


If all I can see is my own shadow, I'm in my own light.

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