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Sleeping stones

Have you ever thought of how much time one wastes sleeping? Out of twenty four hours in a day, a person spends 8 hours sleeping. Meaning by that that one third of our lives is spent dreaming away into nothingness.

Once, a very wise man confided a big secret in me. He said that in a day we spend eight hours sleeping, the other eight hours working, the remaining eight hours determine our merit; what is to become of us in our lives. I have something to add to this logic. I believe that, if we could somehow control our sleeping patterns and sleep less, and instead use that time doing something else more useful and productive, we could easily achieve ‘success’ early in life.

If I was to ask you, as to what you did in the eight hours when you were not working nor were you sleeping, what would your answer be? For most, the rushed on answer would be, ‘television’. But then again, one can watch just so much of television. Eating could be another answer. That I won’t forfeit, as I am too a great fan of keeping the tummy wealthy and fine. For ladies, it could be household chores, for men it could be outdoor chores. Still, one has to wonder, do we really do all that in the twenty-four hours that we get?

Supposing if we do all that in the time slot we get, do we really do what is more important and not urgent? I would say taking up extra hobbies is a good option. Reading, or writing or researching would be a good beginner for the lazy amongst us. At least, if we could cut down on our sleep, we could do a lot more in a day than we could ever imagine. After all, night is a time when everyone sleeps, that means you could do all that you want to, easily without disturbance. Painting or the arts is a good choice too here.

The thing is that when we take up a hobby which we might pursue in the middle of the night, we are putting our extra bit in it. There is a pure effort and sweating hard work put into it, and as the saying goes, nothing equals hard work. And this is where our matter and metal is tested. This is how we come to know what stuff we are made of. And thus we learn, that how could we possibly be put to use. That is how we learn that we are made of important and durable matter. And thus, our quality and strength is tested, when you know that you can sleep less and work more.

So my advice to you is, test your matter and learn what stuff you are made of. Don’t be a sleeping stone, be a durable metal, that you may know your strength and thus be able to hit things in life instead of them hitting you.


If all I can see is my own shadow, I'm in my own light.

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