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Small Talk

The British way of greeting is considered very cold owing to the fact that even close acquaintances talk of the weather as if it was a matter of great concern. ”Good day”, ”lovely weather” are some of their common greetings.

If we look at it this way, most of our day is spent in common, way ward small talk. We seldom have conversations with people that arouse intuition or a synthetic catharsis. We greet and make small talk with practically everyone we know and we do it at all times, despite the fact that these little tit bits could be made into a productive conversation.

However, the importance of small talk can not be harnessed into a psychological wire. If our day starts with the common ‘salam’ and ‘how are you’, it shows a natural blend of concern and acuity in the atmosphere. These leading to more personal yet general questions like ‘how are the folks/kids?” and the more flirtatious talk of women on clothing with remarks like, ”oh! You look gorgeous!” and ”where did you get that pair of shoes from?”, form a rather intimate stance between talkers.

The surface tension of a conversation is small talk that is meant to save face and keep people at a same wavelength. This happens mostly at work places and parties when bumping into people is inevitable and when it’s not necessary that every other passerby in close approximation is a best friend.

Nonetheless, small talk is like sweet talk. It’s used by the human kind as a sweetener, like sweetening a pie with dusted sugar or icing a cake with garnishing. We use sweet talk to soften the bulge of abruptness and moments of awkwardness. It keeps the stream running smoothly without boulders to disrupt the flow.

Mankind has its survival tips and tools. And sweet talk is one of them. The talk of this kind paves way to jobs well done and quick too. Small talk helps the happy hormones keep running and the smiles unfaltering. It is a great vessel of easy day and easy work. So if you want to get your work done quickly and you want to get advantages and still keep the cherry, small talk should be saddled and ridden with.

Like food is to a man, small talk is to the mind a doorway to the homo-sapiens. So I would advise you to get off your feet and brush your teeth to start sweetening the small talk and winning good opinions of those around you!


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