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The end and its means

We hear all the time that exercise keeps us healthy and therefore should be a part of our daily routines. But do we actually understand what exercise truly is? Do we cater for its means and for that reason do we actually understand why we need to work out in the first place?

The answer to that question is vey simple. We do not understand the exercise routine. We know nothing about it apart from the big fat fact that it keeps us fit in our growing ages as well us for our work life.

Exercise for starters, is a healthy way to keep one on their toes of health life. It is a pattern we choose to live daily or a few days in a week so that our body stays in its utmost condition while we nurture our brains in offices and in chores. Working out is just a fine routine to stay healthy and functionable, especially is the long run of the old age of eighties.

However, with our crazy lifestyle and busy schedules, we fail to put health on the top of our list of things to do. Instead we feel comfortable with us being defined as couch potatoes or workaholics. Exercise, we then begin to feel as a pass time of those who would like to see themselves well figured in front of the mirror. This however, is a total lie and a mirage for those who think they know more than others.

Considering our lifestyles and the unhealthy food regimes, exercise becomes a vital part of our daily life. If we wish to live a longer life and that too out of a wheel chair, if we wish to avoid a heart failure at the early age of fifty, if we wish to have a healthy lifestyle; exercise is a key to everything.

Earlier on, experts did know what combination best suited a person to stay absolutely healthy and fit. But now thanks to breakthroughs in science, we now know that exercise is a combination of various workouts that help to keep the body in shape.

Out of these the three most legible routines are; aerobics, weights and yoga. While aerobics focuses on cardiovascular exercise, weights help maintain great posture and keep the body toned up. Yoga on the other hand helps take up the initiative of stretching the body muscles.

All these three routines combine to make a healthy workout routine. Its up to the person then whether he would like to follow a routine of workout with a combination of all three in one workout or they would prefer to fix days in a week and do aerobics, weights and stretching separately.

The above is a secret long told and should be considered as an elixir of life.  If one could follow a routine that describes all three workout plans, I believe that that a person would consider himself as the king of the world. And that too would not be a wrong thought, for after all, whatever we do with our bodies, it always pays off, even though it could be looked at in a different way too. For instance, if the only walk you do is going up and down the stairs during household chores, and the only weights you come across is while picking pots and pans in the kitchen and the only stretching you do is when you extend your arm to pick the remote control, then I’d say that hard to read it as it is, you are a ‘goner’.

Offensive as it sounds, that too is a big fat truth. But the question is, after being enlightened, do you go back to your old routine of pots and pans and remote control? I say you make a difference today and get off your behind and start working out. A secret I would like to share with you too regarding the workout regime. When one exercises, happy hormones, meaning endorphins are created in the body. Therefore, a person who regularly workouts, has his body producing hormones that make him feel contended and happy. So, that means you do not need to go out for foreign substances to do the same for you. All you need to do now is pick up those dumbbells and start doing presses and upright rolls.

One tip of advise coming your way is that if you can not cater going to the gym every other day with your busy schedule, you could buy DVDs sets that have workout routines. And you would be fit to exercise at your home instead of watching drama serials. The end justifies the means. If by working out you can stay happy and content I would say, “what are you waiting for?!”


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