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The Gallows

Every now and then when the wheel starts churning cheese, we find ourselves in a flux. We got laid off or our contract came to an end, we got a new job, and there are people there that we need to mingle with. More importantly, our metal needs to be tested so we are put on probation. The probation could be three or six months long but that time period needs to reflect the best of us.

Usually with most organizations, a contract is signed and list of duties is assigned, but that too does not happen in most companies. Sometimes freelance or outsourcing is also an adopted option. When we switch a job, it becomes the most difficult time of our tenure at the work. As everything is new; people, the place, the rooms, the environment, the vision, the objectives and also what we are expected to do, and how things are done; we might get a little shaky.

In these times the best advice is to expect anything, and to be as flexible as a rubber band. For you never know what may be asked of you, and how much you are to be stretched. In those times, it is most advisable to bow your head and work like an ox- hard and strong.

Consider switching a job to getting married. Where limits are tested and flaws uncovered, where compromise is the best option, and where the colleagues are like the in-laws- lethal and poisonous. Marriage, like work can be discomforting at times. Where you do not know what to do next, where an avenue could certainly be a dead end and where chances are less and thus must be used wisely.

There will be slip-ups in a new job. You will do things wrong, make mistakes, and there are chances when you might get scared of the fire and be frightened to touch it again. But the best thing is that learning never stops. Every minute of every hour, and every hour of every day, there is learning. New dimensions are discovered; new horizons met, new abilities explored and before you know it you are doing tasks as crisply as a snap!  

Still, putting learning aside, there are times when we lose out on our probation. When our metal is tested and we fail to achieve the goals that were ‘expected’ of us. That’s when you get a letter in your hand after three months of hard work saying, “sorry, but you are not just it.” The best thing for you do at that time is to bow your head, tip your hat and be on your way. In the best possible case, you would have learnt a great deal and unlearnt a few more. You would be a bigger man, so no need to walk low. Shake off the degradation and walk on to new learning opportunities.

Chances are that you might even get the dream job after having your metal explored and tested. In that scenario too, I would say that you should walk tall. After all, jobs are like gallows. You are sure to lose your head, and only, only if you are lucky, then can your chief limb be saved.



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