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Who are you?

Unless you have something other than to say “I am me,” you are in serious trouble. From the moment we are toddlers, we are put away to learn about the world around us. We learn about theAmericas, of primitives, study languages and disciplines. But do we ever learn anything about ourselves. Can you answer the question “who are you?” without being repulsed at yourself for not knowing the answer to that?

You can define yourself keeping in view several spheres of thought. You can describe yourself in regard to the state. What your country is, and what principles it stands by. At the same time you can talk about yourself in association to the religion you follow. You are a Pakistani, governed by diplomacy. You are Muslim, sect so and so. You are a part of society which you make up by your presence and the workings of your tongue. You are him who follows a creed, is manifested by it, and lives by it.

You are intellect and feeling. You are consciousness and unconsciousness. You are a hallmark between understanding and knowledge. You are him who tips the scale of the world. The universe looks at you for advances, for the success of humanity is the success of the one individual who dared. You are disciplined as an individual and as a mass. You can shake the very earth with your fury and study. You are; human and divine.

Fatima Abbas


If all I can see is my own shadow, I'm in my own light.

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