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Chapter One: “Why I am Writing for You…”

Dear Child,
I want to teach you so many things. Things that I was not taught.
You will learn grammar and math in school, you will also learn to draw and make things out of paper. In college you’ll study the great phenomena and theories.
Here, I attempt to teach you how to be a person. A complete human being. To do that, you will have to learn. You have the opportunity to learn from me, learn what they do not teach in books, learn what they don’t teach in schools, learn what your family never has the time to teach you, learn to deal with life in the best way you can, learn the difficult task of growing up, learn the infinite for only humans have the capability to do so, learn from my mistakes, learn from the lessons I have learnt, and finally, learn how to be great.
Child, if you can learn how to be great, the world will bend to its knees and kiss your feet. If you can learn how to be great, you will be a master of your own, you will be your own king. Most importantly, you will understand life and know who you are. Something, which countless have perished in search of.
This is my gift to you for you are my child and I have a duty to teach you all that I know. This, I will do as truthfully as I can. In the world you are born in, truth is hidden from children. So growing up is a bitter experience because they have to uncover on their own the molested truth behind the lies. I want to teach you how to operate in this world.
I am twenty-eight when I am writing this for you. You should know that I have had a difficult life. A bitter life. Stained with mockery, disease, loss, refusals, poverty, and so much more. I do not promise that it will be easier for you, but what I can promise is that I will do everything in my power to make this life merry for you. However, I can not go to war with fate or God, but I can teach you by writing for you this book, so at least when things get rough you are wholly equipped with the armour I provide for you.


If all I can see is my own shadow, I'm in my own light.

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