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Chapter Two: “When you’re Thirty”

Halt. Breathe. What you are feeling right now, these raging hormones, these spells of acute and painful emotions, this will end when you turn thirty.

I know what you will say to me. It’s a long time to go! I’m eighteen! Twenty-two more years! You have a right to throw a tantrum. But I’m writing this for you so you know that someday this insanity will end. That day you will be in control. It will be your day. I am giving you hope.

You probably think this impossible, but I’m telling you this for a fact that things will not be as complicated as they seem now. I’m not saying that ‘life’ will be easier, or that your troubles would cease to exist. No, I’m not saying this.

All I mean to tell you is that your attitude towards life will take a one-eighty degree turn. An ease will flow through your being. You will look at life differently. It might be that you may not like the things happening around you, but instead of reacting, the way you do now, you will humbly accept this life.

This ofcourse doesn’t mean that life will become a drudge or you will be happy in the life you call hell, it just means that life will appear subtle.

Like language, according to Behaviorists, is a process of habit-formation, life is not much different either. Life is a sacred ritual of habits. In the beginning everything is difficult, even new. But doing it every day, every week, every month and finally for thirty long years, I can promise you that you will get the hang of it. What come may, life will be like making the morning coffee. Quick, easy and routine-like.

When you are thirty, it will be easy to bear breakups, refusals, fights with family, layoff from work, and perhaps if you have learnt enough, you will deal with failure just fine too.

When you are thirty, breathing in and breathing out will become much easier than it seems now. It’s like the realization that you have run half-way across the marathon and you only have to run the other half to make it to the finishing line. You know that if you came this far you can make it through the rest of it too in one piece.




If all I can see is my own shadow, I'm in my own light.

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