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Dealing with Pain

There are many forms of pain to which man is susceptible to. Physical pain, emotional pain, loss, grief, pain of being alone, pain of not being accepted, pain of being looked down at, pain of not being seen at all.
Pain exists, and each one of us have our way of dealing with it. Some restore to lashing out, transferring their pain to those around them. Some of us shun ourselves from the world. Others restore to drugs. Few of us go to therapy.
Life although we say is short, but the moments of pain last longer, much longer than we hoped they would.
With time, I have devised a simple rule to deal with all forms of pain. It only requires you to control your mindset. Like the ‘mind over matter’ theory.
It’s a simple 80/20 rule. Which although is very popular in the management sciences for totally different reasons and hence connotations, but I have remodeled it suit my pain management techniques.
I believe that if a person can ignore 80% of the pain, be that a neurotic boss or a bad marriage and try to endure the remaining 20%, he can be on his way to a much healthier, happier and better life.
There is no manual on how to make your life less miserable. The only thing you can count on is you. Change yourself and dance around the confused world while you’re at it.
Remember, ignore the 80% and you’ll be left to endure the least, 20%. Do note that the only difference in your life can come from you.
Applying this rule takes a great deal of courage and yes, patience too. But it isn’t impossible. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!


If all I can see is my own shadow, I'm in my own light.

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