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Burying your own dead

In life, we tend to carry baggage with us that mounts up with time. Till the point we are buried deep into it. This baggage, be it emotional or grief, or whatever- has a tendency to stay with us all the time.

It’s not the weight of the world, or the responsibility of success. It is the past, with its terrible narratives. The person walking down the street might not see it, your colleagues at work won’t notice it, even your closest might not sense it. But it’s there, all the time, weighing you down, inch by inch.

Today, you need to know that after the phase of forgive and forget, you need to learn how to burry your own dead. The dead is the past. The leaf of the page has turned, the past is history, the now is the present where you will learn to breath, and the future, as always is uncertain. That last part is an empty page in the diary. But everything before is done, gone, so why still carry the baggage?

Throw it away, trash it, burn it- the leaf has turned, there is a new beginning, a new start, an empty page ready for an entry. Burry your dead past, that is the only way to move on and start anew.