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Chapter 8: Learn Never to Quit

I have gone over this conversation with you in my mind so many times, that now when I am finally writing about it, I wonder if I will be able to get it right.

As you grow up, you will learn about so many things. About the abstract things, I told you about before. Although each one of these qualities is unique and pivotal for your maturity, one thing alone you need to know from day one. Learn never to quit in life.

As a child I’ll watch you take your first step, stumble and fall. Your little head might get its first bumps and bruises. But it won’t matter, then. You will push yourself up from the leather sofa or the coffee table, and you will go back doing it all over again. You will toddle, you will falter, you will fall. Again, as if the fall never meant anything, you will again find my knee to stand yourself up to go back on your mission of walking.

Life is not different from the time you first learnt to walk. The only thing that changes over time, is the growing will to give up. To quit. To run. To head for the hills. To hide. To be anywhere, but here. I might not be there to witness those times. I might not be able to tell you then what I want to tell you now. So, read and understand what I want to teach you.

People have all sorts of ways to describe life. You might have already picked out your favorite quote, but how you describe it is not important. How you choose to live it, is only up to you. But, the whole purpose of life, as I understand it, is to walk past that finishing line. How you do that, perhaps is not also important.

You may walk your life crying, complaining, crawling, or you may run through it. You or I can not dictate life. It has been written, and so shall it be. So understand this, none of us can control what happens to us. Good things happen, and bad things too. The only thing that really matters is that no matter how defeated you are, no matter if life played you and stands over your shoulder smirking while you shrink to the ground, you are required to do just one, and only one thing.

Never give up on yourself. Never quit on life. Never quit.