what I Learnt from ‘A Day at a Time’-I

Dearest Sally,
You know how I’ve been reading this book, called ‘A Day at a Time’. It is basically used as a prayer guide for recovering alcoholics. It is written by an anonymous writer, and what a writer he is.
Reading through the book, the writer often talks about addiction to drugs and how to deal with it actually a day at a time. Every page is dated from the first of January till the last day of the year. Every page has a diagnosis of a possible symptom followed by a prayer and it ends with a single line for the addict to remember so he can relate the entire lesson of the day.
There is one lesson I really liked and have been passing it on to my friends. Its about addiction to people. People we know, friends, spouse, girlfriend, anyone to whom we think we need to call and tell them all about how we hurt our little finger with the thorn.
We get addicted to people, we rely on them way too much than is healthy or wise. And most importantly, we don’t realise it. So when that person or persons are not around we suffer the withdrawal symptoms. Racing heart, ‘oh my God’, ‘oh my God’, what am I going to do?
This doesn’t mean you love less the poeple you love, neither does it mean that you shun everyone around you and become a hermit and practice the art of being alone. No. This just means that love people, make friends, get married, do whatever you always wanted to do.
But addiction is a bad thing and can make you act insane, even when its not drugs.