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Find Yourself

“You can not know love

Unless you have known hate

You can not know strength

Unless you have been weak

You can not know joy

Unless you have met misery

You can never know gain

Unless you understand loss

You can not know hope

Unless you have been in despair

You can never be free

Unless you have been tethered

You can never find light

Unless you stumbled in darkness

You can not know success

Unless you have seen defeat

You can not know a friend

Unless you first met a foe

You can not learn to breathe

Unless you were breathless

You can never learn to laugh

Unless you first know how to cry

You can never know if you are sane

Unless you frequent insanity

You can not k now water

Unless you know fire

You can never know God

Unless you first meet Satan

You can never reach your goal

Unless you first get lost

You can never find yourself

Unless you first lose yourself”

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How Does Man Console Himself?

Dear Sally,

When man is stricken with grief, how does he console himself? In those heavy moments, when the weight of your own body feels too much, and you wish you could wrench your heart out in hope that maybe you would feel less…how does man console himself?

We tell ourselves, “have hope”, “have faith”, but what is hope and faith? Were we born with these entities, or were we supposed to learn about them and gradually develop them? Who was supposed to teach us about them? Does by being a part of a religion or a sect provide us with hope and faith? So, does that mean that people who do not believe in a Higher Power are void of them?

Sometimes, Sally, I think that in moments of grief and despair we tend to lie to ourselves. But, what then, shall we do when we run out of lies? How do we then console ourselves? Is ripping our heart out from our chest, the best solution? Or should we ask God to make us feel less, that we may no longer carry the grief that sometimes hits us bad? Does that mean that we should trade an aching heart for a life-less stone- a heart that does not feel anything? More importantly, are we willing to exchange the pain for less humanity?

How does man console himself?