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Chapter 7: ‘Learn to Love’

Dear child,

I write to you in love. May you read this with love. May you find love and become love.

Child, life is hard. Very hard. To live in it is perhaps the most difficult thing you will ever do.  Life is a lifelong of hardships, tests and struggles. But the best part of living in this world is love.

There is no one definition of love. Jane Austen said it best. “There are as many forms of love, as there are moments in time.” She was right since no one since then has challenged this statement.

Understand this child that you may not find all those forms of love that Austen has dared to describe. It is most likely that you will not find more than three. But there are other forms too. Passion is love. Purpose is love. Kindness is love. Creation is love. Praying is love too. Man has been made out of love, to only love.

Finding love is like an epiphany. It just tends to happen, anywhere or anytime. Maintaining love as it first started out to be is courage. Standing by it is steadfastness. Embracing love is like embracing yourself. Consuming love is madness. But it is the highest form of love.

Understanding love means you have become love. Becoming love is like knowing yourself. Knowing yourself means knowing the Higher Power within. Knowing this Higher Power is like being everything at once. Like passion, purpose, creativity and everything that comes in between.

I pray that God blesses you with love.